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Bộ đề thi học kì 1 môn Ngữ văn lớp 9 năm 2022 – 2023

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The exam paper for the 1st semester of grade 9 Literature in 2022 – 2023 includes 7 quality test questions at the end of term 1 with detailed answers and a matrix of exam questions, helping students to have many review suggestions.

The Literature exam for the 1st semester of grade 9 is compiled with a very diverse structure of topics in the form of an essay exam that closely follows the content of the curriculum in the textbook of Literature 9 volume 1. Passed the semester 1 exam set. Grade 9 Literature, teachers and students have more references to consolidate their knowledge, practice solving problems to prepare for the upcoming 9th grade 1st semester exam. Besides, you can refer to some exam questions such as: 1st semester exam questions of Chemistry, 1st semester exam questions Math 9, 1st semester exam questions History 9, 1st semester exam questions about English 9. So here is the detailed content, invite you to follow and download here.

Exam questions for the 1st semester of grade 9 Literature in 2022 – Topic 1

Matrix of exam questions for the 1st semester of Grade 9 Literature





Low usage

High usage


1. Text comprehension -Recognize the author’s name, work in

excerpt (c1)

-Point out the beauty in content and art (c2)

– Draw lessons from the passage (c4)
– Number of sentences:

– Score:







2. Vietnamese

– Properly analyze the development of Vietnamese vocabulary (c3)
– Number of sentences:

– Score:





3.Practice writing

-Discourse on literary works (c5)
– Number of sentences:

– Score:






– Number of sentences:

– Score:

-Ratio : %
















Literature exam for the 1st semester of grade 9

Part 1 . Reading- Comprehension (5 points)

Read the excerpt and answer the following questions:

“…The sun is now starting to creep in, … The clouds are blown away by the sun, curled up in lumps, rolling on the dew-wet leaf arches, falling on the main road, even under the car…, the wind and snow and silence outside Like just waiting for me to come out and rush to come. The silence at that time was so scary: it was like being cut into pieces by the wind, and the wind was like a big broom that wanted to sweep everything away, … The times when the silence was cold but burning hot…

(Excerpt from Literature 9, volume one, Education Publishing House, 2004)

Question 1: (1 point)

Excerpt from which text , indicate the name of the author , work and indicate the main content , artistic intent ?

Question 2: (1 point)

I draw lessons from the main content of the excerpt.

Question 3: (2 points) Identify the words and analyze the vocabulary development from the original meaning and the method of meaning translation in the following poem:

“My shirt is torn at the shoulder
My pants have some patches
Frozen smile
Several injured hand grip.”

(Excerpt: Dong Chi- Chinh Huu)

You are viewing: Grade 9 Literature for the 1st semester exam, 2022-2023

Question 4: (1 point)

From the main content of the passage, what lessons do you draw about life and artistic creation?

Part II. Practice writing (5 points)

Question 5: Through the text “Ivory comb” by writer Nguyen Quang Sang, let’s play the character Thu, recounting her longing for fatherhood.

Answers to the final test of the 1st term, Literature 9

Sentence idea Marking Instructions Point


– Excerpts from the text Quietly Sapa, Nguyen Thanh Long

-The natural picture of Sapa is beautiful, poetic and lyrical, and the harsh climate on Yen Son peak is a typical challenge of the weather to human endurance in the land of fog.

The art of combining description and narrative.





The poetic lyrical beauty has prominently portrayed the harshness of Sapa’s nature. first



– Words used in the original sense: Mouth, hand, foot

– Words used in the meaning of transfer: Vai, to change meaning in metonymy mode



– Lessons in life: love for nature, attachment, respect for the beauty of nature; dare to face, overcome the harshness of nature to make success…

– Lessons in artistic creation: Understanding the reality of life, exploring subtleties in many angles…



Skill Requirement – In terms of form: Full layout, clear, beautiful letters.

– About skills: Write an argumentative presentation in an inductive or deductive way

Requires knowledge -About content :

– Type of article: Essay excerpt in literary work


– Introduction of the author and work

– overview of paternity in war



Tell the story of the incident: The desire for fatherhood through the following basic ideas:

– Refuses father’s attention and care because he thinks he is not his father

– When understanding the truth, natural affection is expressed through the first call to the father and through actions




End – End the event; meeting my father, satisfying my longing for fatherhood after years of separation, waiting for…………. 0.5
* Note:Score 9-10: when the presentation is clean, the words are beautiful, there is creativity.

– Score 7-8: The article is clearly organized, coherent, scientifically presented, without typos.

– Score 5 – 6: The article has a clear layout, , is quite fluently expressed, there may be two or three typos.

Score 4 – 5 : The lesson has three parts as required, can be a bit sketchy with a few errors of all kinds.

Score 3-4: The article is sketchy or lacks ideas, is not fluently expressed, has 5, 6 mistakes

Score 1 – 2: The speech is weak, lacks ideas, has an unclear layout, has many errors of all kinds.

0 point: Remove the blank paper. The content of the work is too sketchy. Can only write a few lines, discrete ideas.

* Collect post, comment on writing time

* Guide students to self-study at home: Review the lesson, self-assess their writing.

– Prepare lesson: Read and learn the final summary

Exam papers for the 1st semester of grade 9 Literature in 2022 – Question 2

Matrix of exam questions for the 1st semester of 9th grade in Literature


– Collecting information to assess the standard of knowledge and skills in the 1st semester program, 9th grade Literature subject according to 3 contents: Literature, Vietnamese, Practice writing, for the purpose of assessing capacity reading – understanding and creating texts of students through the form of essay test.

– Capture the learning ability, the level of differentiation of students’ academic ability. On that basis, teachers have a teaching plan suitable for students in order to improve the quality of teaching Literature.


– Format: Autobiography

– Method: Test in class for 90 minutes.


Content Level to be achieved total
Know Understanding Manipulate High usage
I. Reading Comprehension – Material: informational text/artistic text

– Criteria for selecting materials:

+ 01 complete excerpt, poem/text.

The length is about 50-300 words.

– Identify PTBD, poetic form or narration in the text.

– Recognize the development of words, rhetorical devices in the text.

– Understand and state the content and meaning of the text.

Understand the effect of rhetoric used in the text.


Number of sentences first first
Score 1.5 1.5 3
Ratio 15% 15% 30%
II. Writing

Question 1: Write a paragraph Know how to present and develop a paragraph Understand and write a basic paragraph according to the requirements of the topic. Write a complete paragraph about content and form.


Number of sentences first
Score 0.5 0.5 first 2
Ratio 5% 0.5% ten% 20%
Sentence 2: Narrative combined with elements of discussion and monologue, reading inner dialogues – Know how to change the narrator in a narrative essay..

-Recognize narrative texts that combine other elements.

Present an essay with a three-part layout.

– Know how to use and change the narrator in a narrative essay.

Understand the main content of the stories being told.

+ Use the narrator flexibly in the narrative essay.

+ The essay has a plot, characters and events, story situations… develop reasonably.

– Create a document with uniformity, tight content, and persuasion.

– Apply elements flexibly, fluently and creatively.


Number of sentences first first first
Score first first 2 first 5
Ratio ten% ten% 20% ten% 50%
total Number of sentences first first first first 3
Score 3 3 3 first ten
Ratio 30% 30% 30% ten% 100%

Literature exam for the 1st semester of grade 9

PART I : READING (3.0 points) :

Read the following excerpt and answer the questions:

If the Fatherland looks from the sea today
Au Co’s mother must not be at peace
Layered waves on the continental shelf
In the soul who does not have waves?

If the Fatherland viewed from the archipelago
Lac Long father has not returned yet
My father’s words to keep every yard of land
This blood and bone, children and grandchildren still remember it

(Excerpt from the Fatherland seen from the sea – Nguyen Viet Chien, Youth Newspaper, May 28, 2011)

a, Determine the main mode of expression? Poetic form? (0.5)

b) What is the main idea of ​​the poem? (1.0)

c, Point out and state the effect of rhetoric in the two bolded sentences? (1.5).

PART II: WRITING (7 points)

Sentence 1 (2 points): From the poem in the Reading – Comprehension section, write a passage that gives your thoughts on your responsibility towards the sea of ​​your homeland.

Sentence 2 (5 points): From the content of Bang Viet’s poem “Fire stove” (Excerpt from Literature Textbook 9 -Volume 1), in the role of a nephew, tell that touching story.

Answers to the exam questions for the 1st semester of 9th grade in Literature

Part Sentence Content Point
first The above passage is used expressive mode: expression. 0.5
2 – Concerns and worries about the situation of sea and islands are threatened by many dangers and dangers.

– From there, it exudes a deep love of the sea and the country

3 – The rhetoric: Ss can identify 1 of 2 metaphorical measures, rhetorical questions.

– Effect: highlighting the dangers and dangers that are constantly surrounding the sea and the concern and anxiety about the situation of the sea and islands.



first Write an argumentative paragraph 2.0
a. Ensure the format of a paragraph 0.25
b. Identify the right problem: the value of the sea. 0.25
c. Content: Mention some values ​​of the sea

+ Provide many natural resources, develop the economy;

+ Transportation between our country and other countries in the world;

+ National security, protecting the country’s territorial integrity.

-> My love for the sea and the sense of protecting the sovereignty of the sea and islands and the territorial integrity of the country.

2 From the poem: Fireplace, recalling memories about her to tell. 5.0
a. Ensure the structure of a narrative essay with full introduction, body, conclusion 0.5
b. Correctly identify the autobiographical problem. 0.25
Describe the story situation: Memorable childhood memories with grandma.

Tell her about your memories:

+ The character “I” recounts the memories of living with her.

+ Happy to be with her, to hear her tell her happy stories, to be cared for and taught by her…

+ Her actions and deeds make me remember forever.

+ Attitude and affection of my character towards her.

Draw cognitive lessons: Family affection is the foundation to help each character succeed in life.

Deep love for his grandmother.




c. Creation:

– There is a new way of expressing, showing a beautiful view of the grandmother.

– Reasonable and effective use of inner descriptions and arguments

d. Spelling, using words, making sentences: ensuring Vietnamese spelling, grammar, and semantics standards 0.25


Please download the document file to see more content of the exam 1, Literature 9

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