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Cách để học tốt môn toán cao cấp

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Tips to help you study well in advanced math at university

Advanced math in college for many students is a “horror obsession”. In order not to waste money, waste time retaking the exam, re-learning this subject, you should apply the following tips.

Advanced Mathematics at University is separated into Calculus and Linear Algebra modules. Depending on the school and subject area, the Calculus course is also divided into many smaller modules (Calculus 1, Calculus 2, Calculus 3) taught in different semesters. In addition, there are many majors where there are modules related to Statistical Probability with different names such as Applied Statistics Probability, or Statistical Probability for Economists… About methods and experiences To experience advanced math learning to achieve high efficiency, new students should note the following points:

1. Have a positive attitude when studying

According to a study on the topic Research on learning attitudes of students at People’s Security University by Nguyen Duc Huong. Learning attitude is understood as a complex attribute of personality, expressing the subject’s consciousness, personality, interest, affection, will in learning activities through subjective assessments of cognition, The subject’s feelings and activities are related to the satisfaction of the subject’s needs.

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Learning attitude is expressed through attitude towards component factors such as attitude towards learning purposes, attitude towards conditions, learning environment, attitude towards active organization. learning action, for learning actions, for results, for learning process.

The common mentality of many young people is that they get discouraged quickly, especially with subjects they do not understand. With a bunch of formulas like in textbooks, it makes you listen to lectures as if you are lost in another world. The wandering mind and the difficulty of concentrating on thinking much is a passive and negative learning attitude.

So, create for yourself a positive learning attitude, do not complain much about the difficulties, but think that you increase your analytical mind, logical thinking….

Have a positive attitude when studying advanced mathHave a positive attitude when studying advanced math

2. Load information properly for the brain

It can be said that the brain is the most important and complex part of the human body. This is also the place where most of the human activities are controlled.

One of the brain’s most important functions is to record information, analyze the information received, and store that information into memory.

However, the constant movement makes the brain work at full capacity everywhere, all the time, making it impossible to store that information into memory. Almost all information in a person’s life is erased from memory. It’s necessary forgetting – the brain’s self-protective way of getting rid of unnecessary information. The brain only stores the necessary information for a longer time when that information is repeated over a long period of time.

According to research by Ebbinghaus, after 1 hour, we forget up to half of the information we have absorbed, and after a week, the human brain only retains 20% of that information.

In fact, the human brain has almost no limit, but it can only process 3-5 streams of information at a time. So it takes time, repetition for the brain to store that information. If you just use your eyes to memorize the lecture, it is very difficult. You resort to putting information on paper, reading your textbook slowly, writing down what you need, and proving what you don’t understand yourself. So, wherever knowledge goes, it stays there.

How to properly load information to the brain to remember it for a long time

  • Learn to understand, not rote. Information you understand can be remembered 9 times faster.
  • Learn only the necessary information, don’t try to cover everything. Set your priorities for accuracy.
  • The beginning and the end. The first and last things learned are always the easiest to remember.
  • Read a variety of topics. Remember, similar memories can get mixed up in a mess, and you forget very quickly.
  • Learn the opposites. For example, when learning a new language, learn in pairs of words: day – night, evening – morning. Opposite words are easier to remember.
  • Connect things that need to be remembered to the outside world. For example, you are in a room, try to connect the knowledge with something in the room. Then, just remembering that room, you can recall a lot of that knowledge.
  • Store information as a story: If you have to remember too much information, try organizing it into a story. But not indiscriminately, but things to remember will be placed in the “plot twist” paragraphs.
  • Recording: Record the information you need to learn and then listen. This method is suitable for those who are able to absorb when listening to lectures well.
  • Use body language when studying. This is a way to activate the so-called “muscle memory”, so that it is easier to recall later.
  • Choose the best source of information: Don’t use old books or methods. Things may have changed over time, so don’t waste your time on knowledge that may not have been used.

3. Active in learning

Studying at university, the amount of knowledge in a class will weigh 5, 10 times, if not more than a few dozen times more than in high school. This requires students to actively prepare for homework and review and practice on their own. In general, students need to be proactive, not have parents or teachers push after each class. Subjects in the final year of university have a lower failure rate partly because students are used to this way of learning.

The modules of Advanced Mathematics in the basic knowledge block have strict and accurate requirements, if not absolutely correct, then they are considered satisfactory unlike many other subjects at university level. . The above requirement also comes from the practical desire to create future Bachelors, Engineers or Doctors who gain a good foundation, are able to develop their careers after graduation with solid basic knowledge and at the same time do not make mistakes that are considered “silly” at work.

Need to allocate time to do the test properlyNeed to allocate time to do the test properly

Mr. Nguyen Duc Trung – Doctor of Toulouse University (France), currently a lecturer at Hanoi University of Science and Technology, shared: “Compared to the correlation of course summaries, the midterm exam scores usually account for a lower percentage. much more than the final exam score, but that’s not why they miss this opportunity to “remove the score” because the final exam is often longer and more difficult. The experience of allocating time to do questions to get high scores in midterm and final exams is quite simple for those with good basic knowledge.

You completely take the initiative to spend 50% of the time doing all the sentences to get to 7, 8 points, of which 40% of the time to do and 10% to check with certainty. The remaining 50% of the time can be used to bring your score to 9.10. Of course, it is with the self-study method that you will have good knowledge and proficient skills. I put the threshold of 7 points which is considered high for advanced math courses because sometimes there are advanced math courses at some Universities with very high entrances in the past year with over 50% (one some places up to 70% or even 80%) of the students who scored at the end of the semester below 4.

For students who have an average level of knowledge acquisition and lack of proficiency in doing exercises because their basic knowledge is not deep and the time invested in practice is small, there should be another strategy. You should focus 90% of the time on 5 or 6 points, 75% of the time to do the test and 15% of the time to re-check. With the remaining 10% of the time, it can be spent working towards the 7 points or checking again with the already done questions to make sure the score is not less than 5.

4. It takes time and perseverance

Advanced math is considered a difficult subject, it is not easy for you to memorize the necessary things in a short time. It takes persistence over a long period of time so that you can remember, understand, and know how to apply certain math problems.

No matter how hard you try, success must come from a day or two. If you get a bad grade, then you continue to practice with the right method, then like a diligent bee, studying hard in the right direction, studying well at advanced math is no longer too difficult.

5. Learn from you

What you don’t understand, you can ask your teachers, friends, don’t hesitate. Maybe you try really hard but can’t understand it all at once. Learning sometimes still needs teammates and it is difficult to succeed without the help of others.

If possible, form a group to study seriously. This will increase excitement, motivate and absorb faster than usual.

6. Starting from yesterday

Not only advanced math, but natural subjects are always taught in a logical sequence, easy first, difficult later, the latter applies the former. So, if you don’t understand yesterday’s lesson, you won’t be able to fully understand today’s lesson.

You should start from the most basic things, build the first stones, the foundation is solid, the building will be much simpler.

Master the basics before learning moreMaster the basics before learning more

7. Find old exam questions, practice exercises regularly

Past exam papers, whether essay or multiple choice, are also useful sources of information for you. They will help you better understand the problem-solving method or better understand the exams.

Advanced math or any arithmetic-related subject without homework is not difficult to understand when you fail again from the parking lot. While your friends pass with a high score, you lag behind. Exercises are many, vast, so you just slowly do your homework. It is also not necessary to follow the sequence, but it is possible to select several problems of a type of exercise to solve without knowledge gaps.

Searching for old exam questions

Old exam papers are usually taken with a phone, or handwritten, so it's understandable that it's hard to read, banned goodsOld exam papers are usually taken with a phone, or handwritten, so it’s understandable that it’s hard to read, banned goods

Before entering the game, you need to understand how the game rules are. The test is multiple choice, essay or both; Linear algebra has a part, so does calculus. And it’s best that the documents should be printed out, don’t be afraid to spend a few thousand to view with your phone, ipad, it’s just too hard to go through the files, it takes up space and hurts your eyes, you have spent Too much time exposed to blue light from electronic devices already! Not to mention messages from many sides will distract you when viewing with your phone.

Hand-made outline

DIY outlines don't need to be beautiful, just clear and cleanDIY outlines don’t need to be beautiful, just clear and clean

Make a list of formulas that need to be memorized, such as derivatives, Moivre’s formulas, etc. on an A4 sheet of paper or a notebook. Note that it’s handwritten, so maybe it can be memorized, if you type it, it won’t leave much, because the mind is worried about inserting, subtracting, tracing the lost characters, but no brain to think about things. writing anymore. Write green, red, purple, yellow or whatever, as long as it helps you memorize and review them.

Review the types of solved problems

It's time to review what you wroteIt’s time to review what you wrote

This is the stage of reviewing your copywriting results (bad or good handwriting is decisive here). Whether it’s a problem you solve or a sample problem, the teacher will review it all. Don’t miss a thing, you will regret it! Master the types of exercises, so that when you get to the “action” phase, you don’t need to look at the exercise again.

“Plow” the exercise

You have to do the exercises to have a chance to pass the courseYou have to do the exercises to have a chance to pass the course

Do advanced math, or anything related to arithmetic, without doing homework, don’t ask “why did you fail”, but we all pass quickly, even with high scores. The exercises are endless, never lacking, and sometimes not enough for some “learning saints”. It is not necessary to follow the order from exercise 1 to exercise n, but you can choose from several exercises of a type of exercise, an effective way to sprint without knowledge gaps!

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