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Prove that Nguyen Trai’s Binh Ngo Dai fox is an ancient heroic tale.

Outline Prove that Binh Ngo Dai Cao is an ancient heroic hero

I. Introduction

– Introduction of the author Nguyen Trai: A national hero, a famous celebrity of world culture, an outstanding poet and writer.

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– Overview of the work: The circumstances of its birth, general comments on the report – is an ancient epic, the second declaration of independence of the nation.

Refer: Analysis of the work Binh Ngo Dai Dai by Nguyen Trai

II. Body

1. Explain what is a fairy tale heroic

– It is a majestic writing that has been handed down to eternity

– Before Binh Ngo Dai Cao, there were excellent political essays such as “Chief Relocation”, “Hich General Tu”, but in Binh Ngo Dai Cao, the majestic nature is expressed more deeply by its internal values. the ideological and artistic content it represents

2. Prove that Binh Ngo Dai Cao is an ancient heroic hero

a. Title.

Dai Dai is a form of political discourse used by kings and leaders to announce and announce important events to the world with strong words, sharp reasoning, and tight structure.

– Binh Ngo: To quell the Minh invaders

– The Great Report of Binh Ngo is an article of great significance for the country, widely publicized on the fight against the Ming invaders, regaining the independence and sovereignty of the nation.

=> The title of the work suggests a solemn and sacred meaning

b. Size, capacity

– This is a large-scale project with a long capacity consisting of 4 clearly divided and specific parts.

– Each part has specific central content: part 1 – the just thesis, part 2 – outlining the enemy’s crimes, part 3 – the arduous and inevitable conquering process of the uprising, part 4 – declare victory affirming the righteous cause

=> Before Dai Cao Binh Ngo, there had never been a political essay on such a large scale.

c. Content and ideas.

– The great thought throughout the length of the work is the idea of ​​”humanity”. Thought has both the inheritance of Confucianism, and expansion and creativity with the two contents of “peaceful people” and “removal of violence”. Up to now, no one has discovered and expressed this thought as eloquently and clearly as Nguyen Trai.

– An eloquent and strong statement about the independence and sovereignty of the nation through many aspects (culture, territory, customs, history, magnanimity)

+ Calling King Dai Viet as “De”, placing Dai Viet’s dynasties on par with Chinese dynasties shows national pride and pride

Compared with the “Southern Kingdom of Son Ha” declaration of independence, the first declaration of independence of our country, Binh Ngo Dai Dai Binh Ngo has both an inheritance and an expansion: inheriting the elements of style, territory, and calling. The kings of Vietnam are the “emperors”, expanding and developing in the elements of culture, customs, history, genius, and all these factors do not need to be determined by “the book of heaven” but by human beings themselves.

=> Is the most majestic and complete declaration of independence and national sovereignty

– Attitude of indignation at the barbaric crimes of the enemy.

+ They use lies to rob the country, terrorize innocent people, exploit taxes and plunder property, destroy the environment, destroy life, destroy production and exploit labor.

+ The pain, grief, resentment, anger of the people before these crimes

=> It is an eloquent indictment of the enemy’s crimes.

– The love of the country and a single heart to fight against the Ming invaders of Le Loi, Lam Son insurgents and the people

+ Le Loi is a hero in cloth clothes, has great ideals, ambitions and is the soul of the war.

+ The Lam Son uprising was full of hardships and heroism, the glory of the nation, the stormy spirit and the humane behavior of the nation.

+ The terrible, humiliating, humiliating defeat of the enemy

=> Pride, deep national pride

d. Artistic features

– Strong and convincing argument: Going from the theoretical basis of the ideology of humanity and the truth about independence and sovereignty, to the reality of the inhumanity and cruelty of the Ming invaders and the treacherous uprising. suffering and heroism of the nation and finally came to the conclusion that the enemy is unjust, we are just.

– Sharp arguments, convincing evidence: Proving the nation’s sovereignty and independence by convincing evidences (culture, territory, customs, history, genius), talking about the crimes of enemy (crimes of terrorism, murder, destruction of the environment, destruction of production, exploitation of labor, …)

– Heroic voice, steely, majestic.

– Using pictorial expressions: Grilling the black people, burying the red children, Truc Lam Son did not record all the crimes, fought a clean battle without surprise, fought two battles to scatter birds, …

Short and long sentences, flexible changes, sometimes harshly accusing, sometimes eloquently praising, decisively and decisively affirming.

Using the art of listing, exaggerating, and opposing to express the author’s stances and views.

III. End

– Reaffirming the position of the work Dai Cao Binh Ngo

– Show the stature and position of Nguyen Trai through the work.

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Sample essay Prove that Binh Ngo Dai Cao is an ancient heroic hero

Nguyen Trai left behind a massive literary career, rich in both content and art. In that treasure trove of works, we cannot fail to mention Binh Ngo Dai Cao, which is known as the ancient heroic literature. The work is not only excellent in content but also has artistic characteristics.

The work was written by Nguyen Trai under the direction of Prime Minister Le Loi after our people won and defeated the invading Ming army. The document was written to announce to the entire people the end of the glorious victory against the invaders. This is considered as the second declaration of independence of the nation after Nam Quoc Son Ha. At the same time, the work is also considered as an ancient epic, heroic literature that is handed down for generations to come. In order to become such an immortal and eternal poem, Binh Ngo Dai Cao must have excellent content, and at the same time must have a skillful and talented pen. Only when these two factors are fully converged, will it be worthy of the title of ancient and epic poetry.

At the beginning of the work, the words are extremely strong and clear, raising the thesis of humanity, this thesis is also the dominant factor to the content of the whole article:

The core of humanity is to live in peace

Military fines before worrying about violence

Humanity is inherently the moral concept of Confucianism, to talk about morality, behavior and love between people. Here, Nguyen Trai not only acquires but also develops that morality, love must be realized by concrete actions: the key is to stay in peace, to make the people have a peaceful life. To do that, it is necessary to punish the greedy, tyrannical, and dark forces that have disrupted the peaceful life of the people. Thus, for Nguyen Trai, benevolence comes from the people, out of love for the people, and at the same time humanity is also associated with the love of peace, from which benevolence is patriotism. This is the new and progressive point of Nguyen Trai.

Not stopping there, Nguyen Trai is also full of confidence and bravery to assert our nation’s sovereignty, he not only asserts in terms of territorial outlines, but also in depth and belonging aspects. about the cultural capital and traditions of each nation: Like our country Dai Viet from before/…/ There are masterpieces in every generation. He uses words with great precision: from before, which states, long ago, divided, also different to assert the age-old, obviousness of truth. He was the one who perfected the concept of the nation and nation, which was not a small step forward compared to the previous declaration of independence.

On the basis of affirming the sovereignty of the nation, Nguyen Trai exposed their crimes as well as their invasion plots. He was very ingenious when using human words, taking advantage of the opportunity to expose their deceitful and deceitful claims of killing Tran and Ho. They used the excuse to defeat Ho, but in fact they were to suppress and plunder our people’s property and wealth. They have extremely barbaric actions: Roast the black people in a fierce fire / Bury the red children in the pit of disaster; heavy tax collection: Heavy taxes, clean taxes, they are so cruel that they don’t even forgive inanimate things: Harm to even insects, plants, etc. Their crimes not only make people hate and heaven and earth do not forgive. Reading each verse, we also feel sorry for the condition of the people when they have to endure the oppression of the Ming invaders. Therefore, how could the magnanimous heroes at that time stand with their arms crossed and watch as our compatriots had to shed their blood before the invaders. The hero Le Loi raised the flag of insurrection while still facing numerous difficulties, but with perseverance and clear judgment he bravely overcame all these obstacles. The heroic and brave insurgents attacked different positions, making the enemy exhausted and exhausted.

The tone and rhythm of the poem became more intense and exciting than ever: the Battle of Bo Dang thundered and flashed, / Tra Lan region splits with flying ash; Ninh Kieu’s blood flows into a river, thousands of miles away. / Tot Dong’s corpses are full of insides and dirt for thousands of years. Our army won a resounding victory, the bright spot here is the victory based on the idea of ​​benevolence: Bringing great justice to defeat brutality / Using kindness to replace violence. We won the victory, did not destroy the enemy to the end, but still left them a way to live: They were greedy for life and afraid of death, but were truly filial / I preferred the whole army, to let the people rest / Not only a wonderful scheme / Also unseen before. For the sake of the people, the new uprising, in the uprising, the people are also the core force. Until the enemy is forgiven, the people will rest. Mentioning the people with such an important position only appeared in Nguyen Trai’s thought. The people are the core of Nguyen Trai’s humanistic thought.

The end of the great speech was praise, the sound of joy declaring victory and affirming the righteous nature of the uprising: Xa Tac will be stable from here on / Giang Son will be renewed from here on / Kien wise then again Thai / Nhat Nguyet repent and then again.

The work is not only excellent in content but also unique in art. The work is considered an exemplary political essay, with a tight layout and sharp arguments. To create a premise to deploy the entire work, Nguyen Trai raised the thesis of humanity right at the beginning of the report, followed by exposing the crimes of the enemy; the beginning of our arduous resistance and glorious victory; finally the declaration of victory, affirming the righteousness of the resistance. To highlight the crimes of the enemy, he cleverly used the art of contrasts: The man who was forced into the sea to search for pearls, bored with sharks, and mercilessly contrasted with the boy with his mouth open, who bared his teeth, and blood. The fat is so full that it’s not boring. In addition, using images rich in evocative and evocative values: Cruel, Nam Son bamboo does not record all crimes, / Dirty, Dong Hai water does not wash off the smell. To expose the barbaric and brutal crimes of the enemy. The tone of voice is painful, painful, and painful when talking about the tragedy of the people, sometimes sharp and strong when accusing the enemy.

With excellence in both content and art, Binh Ngo Dai Cao deserves to be the “ancient heroic man” of eternity. The work is an immortal essay about the self-reliance and self-reliance of the nation in the process of fighting against the invaders, bringing peace and happiness to the people.


From the outline to prove that Binh Ngo Dai Cao is an ancient heroic poem that Soc Trang High School has guided above, please apply the knowledge you have learned, combine with your writing style to make a complete article. correct it. In addition, we regularly update the best 10th grade sample essays for your child’s literary learning. Wish you always have fun and study well!

Refer to the outline to prove that Binh Ngo Dai Cao is an ancient heroic hero, an exemplary political essay, with a tight layout, sharp arguments of Nguyen Trai.

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#Dàn #chứng #minh #Bình #Ngô #Đại #cáo #là #áng #thiên #cổ #hùng #văn


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#Dàn #chứng #minh #Bình #Ngô #Đại #cáo #là #áng #thiên #cổ #hùng #văn


#Dàn #chứng #minh #Bình #Ngô #Đại #cáo #là #áng #thiên #cổ #hùng #văn


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