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Diễn biến hòa bình là gì? Âm mưu, thủ đoạn chiến lược “diễn biến hòa bình”

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Currently, hostile forces frequently change their strategies, showing their sophisticated and cunning nature, and its danger and malice have been constantly increasing. In that context, the fight against “peaceful evolution” is always an urgent, urgent and regular task of the entire Party, people and army to firmly defend the Vietnamese Fatherland. So what is “peaceful evolution”? How dangerous is “peaceful evolution”? What are the plots and strategic tricks of “peaceful evolution” of hostile forces in the new situation?

What is the “Peaceful Evolution” Strategy?

“Peaceful evolution” is the basic strategy to overthrow the political regimes of advanced countries, first of all, socialist countries from within by non-military means due to imperialism and other world powers. reaction force proceeds. “peaceful evolution” has many different names such as: “peaceful transformation”, “peaceful transformation”, “peaceful competition”, “beyond peace”, “liberation policy”, ” victory without war”, “war without gunfire”, “non-armed methods”.

Conspiring tricks against the Party in the field of morality |  Propaganda Magazine

The hostile forces adjusted their countermeasures, by in addition to directly attacking the ideological foundation, they propagated incitement to cause contradictions and internal divisions. With the plot to cause internal division, to make our Party “self-evolution” and “self-transform” from within, they tried their best to propagate and fabricate factions in the Party, especially taking advantage of the struggle. Anti-corruption. negative to misrepresent is internal purge. They also often make up stories, exaggerate the mistakes and shortcomings of some cadres and party members, thereby causing confusion and frustration in public opinion, inciting people to cause insecurity and disorder. …

Notably, recently, hostile forces have stepped up a number of new countermeasures, namely: Finding ways to speed up the process of “self-evolution”, “self-transformation” internally, making ambiguity and confusion between positive and negative sides, socialist and capitalist ideology to party members and people. Encouragement of American and Western-style “democratic” views and social trends in order to make people skeptical of “Vietnamese society” and fantasies of an “other society” is promoted. is better.

They also use many sophisticated and cunning methods of influencing each specific object, in which, for the people of all classes, they take advantage of limited access to information, spreading false information. , in order to create a gap in people’s thoughts, make people doubt and lose faith in the regime, the Party and the State, thereby inciting activities that destabilize political security, order and safety. whole society, undermining the great unity bloc of the whole nation.

The hostile forces still did not give up the plot of “peaceful evolution” towards Vietnam. They attach special importance to ideological sabotage, considering it as a spearhead, as the shortest path leading to the erosion of people’s trust in the Party and the socialist regime. Besides the main characteristics such as: distorting propaganda to deny Marxism – Leninism, Ho Chi Minh’s thought; deny the leadership role of the Communist Party of Vietnam; to step up activities of distorting history; plot to “depoliticize” the army and police…

Their plots and tricks also distort and distort political events, complex and sensitive cases. Taking advantage of important political events related to border and territorial demarcation issues, disputes in the East Sea, environmental pollution, or issues related to flood and storm relief work, prevention work, etc. The fight against COVID-19 takes advantage of spreading false information on social networking sites, causing confusion in public opinion, creating misunderstandings among the people, and skepticism in party committees and authorities at all levels.

Correct identification and drastic and regular implementation of solutions to prevent and combat “peaceful evolution”

What is the place of peace?  What is the peaceful evolution strategy?

Faced with the above-mentioned extremely dangerous plots and tricks, it requires us to always be proactive and resolute in identifying, fighting and preventing “peaceful evolution”. In order to defeat the imperialism’s “peaceful evolution” strategy, we need to deploy and do well a number of tasks and solutions that are both urgent, regular and continuous. That is:

The first, It is necessary to determine that the work of fighting against plots and countermeasures of hostile forces is the task of the whole political system under the direct leadership of the Party and must be actively and regularly deployed. and long term. In the struggle must be resolute, flexible, proactive, closely combine “construction” and “resistance”, taking “construction” as the main. Propaganda helps cadres, party members and people to raise their vigilance and create resistance against false and hostile information and views. At the same time, regularly direct and orient propaganda and education for cadres, party members and the masses, especially educating the young generation to be well aware of the Party’s leadership role and mission. about the political model that our country has firmly established. It is national independence associated with socialism; building a socialist rule of law state of the People, by the People, for the People.

Monday, Party committees and authorities at all levels, especially the heads of agencies and units, must focus on improving political bravery, consolidating and maintaining ideological and political stances for cadres and party members. Political bravery of cadres and party members is the basic and key factor creating the combat strength of the units; at the same time, plays the role of orientation to promote positive actions and behaviors of cadres and party members. For party organizations, it is necessary to regularly take care of building a clean, strong and comprehensive internal structure, proactively grasping the situation, orienting public opinion not to be passive or surprised when situations arise, consider this as a the key factor determining the success of the task of preventing “peaceful evolution”. To carry out this task, it is necessary to thoroughly grasp and strictly implement the principles of the Party, the principle of democratic centralism; the collective leadership and individuals in charge, strengthen the inspection work, ensure that the resolutions of the party organization are successfully implemented. At the same time, building a team of cadres and leaders at all levels strong in quantity and quality, reflected in the stages from selecting, fostering, arranging and arranging the right people, in the right jobs, promoting the role of the organization. task performance. At the same time, effectively bring into play the role of the Fatherland Front and socio-political organizations in promoting democracy, solidarity, and initiative in preventing and defeating all conspiracies. , destructive tricks of the enemy.

It can be clearly seen that the method of the “peaceful evolution” strategy of the hostile forces is to realize “victory without war”. They focus on political and ideological sabotage of cadres and party members. Therefore, it is imperative to improve political courage, strengthen and maintain the ideology of each cadre and party member in the current revolutionary period. At the same time, resolutely fight to protect the Party’s lines and views, fight against false and reactionary ideological views, vague expressions, illusions, doubts, wavering, neglect vigilance in the performance of duties.

Tuesday, it is necessary to thoroughly grasp the motto, linking “construction with protection”, “protection with construction”; Construction is a content of protection and is the most effective measure against “self-evolution”, “self-transformation”, “depoliticization” of the military. As analyzed, the purpose of the hostile forces is to promote the “depoliticization” of the army and police in order to make us abandon the ideological foundation of the Party, fade away the class nature and revolutionary ideals. , away from the political direction, combat goals and eventually lead away from the leadership of the Party. Their plot is very sinister. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on building politically strong military and police forces in the new situation. Because this is the main force, the core in ensuring security, order and national security, protecting the Party, the regime and the people.

Wednesday, building a core force organization in the fight against “peaceful evolution”. Forces participating in the struggle against “peaceful evolution” must be well organized and have plans, build and arrange leading forces in each field of ideology, politics, culture, literature, art, combining news articles on the mass media, including social networks, reporters, topical information in party and mass organizations. Organizing dialogue forums, in-depth scientific activities, bringing together experts, intellectuals, and artists to discuss issues of public interest and related interests. of the country, thereby narrowing the gap of dissent and political opinions, preventing the appearance of opposing political organizations and views.

To carry out that task, first of all, it is necessary to strengthen and maintain the leadership of the Party in all situations; improving the efficiency and quality of education, must attach importance to innovating the contents, forms and methods of political theory education, providing timely, complete and accurate information to cadres, Party members and people from all walks of life before the issues that public opinion and society are concerned about, do not let the incidents happen internally and are urgent.

Thursday, strongly promote the role of the press and media in the fight against “peaceful evolution”. To ensure the ideological, truthful, popular, combative and directional character, it is necessary to promote the role of the press in creating a positive mainstream information flow, contributing to strengthening solidarity, especially ideology and politics among the people. Resolutely fight and criticize wrong and hostile views, overcome commercialization, and move away from the principles and purposes and negative and deviant expressions. To combat “peaceful evolution”, the press needs to strengthen the education of socialist consciousness for the masses, especially young people and students, to understand and be aware of Marxism-Leninism, Ho Chi Minh’s thought Ho Chi Minh, the country’s economic, political and social situation; struggle against individualism, pragmatism, etc. The press needs to propagate patriotism, promote the process of industrialization and modernization, maintain the correct direction in directing public opinion, and defeat failure. plots of “peaceful evolution”.

Friday, In the fight against “peaceful evolution”, it is necessary to renew the approach to the goal, to focus and resolutely expose the distorting claims of hostile forces, political opportunities, and at the same time to focus deeply on more on the formation of “immunity”, improving the “resistance” of society against malicious information. In particular, each cadre and party member, especially the young generation, needs to be equipped with knowledge and skills to do well in advising and fighting against “peaceful evolution”, in which when speaking and write articles or speak on forums, on social networks, must clearly show political bravery, not allowed to speak with suspicion, a dua with malicious information flows. That requires cadres and party members to constantly self-study, study, cultivate awareness and political bravery, face wrong and deviant ideas, and not let themselves be “evolved” by themselves. , “self-transformation”. In addition, each cadre and party member must always promote the role of “nucleus” at the grassroots level to deliver official and positive information, become a shining example, contribute to creating people’s trust in the Party. , thereby making hostile forces no longer have “land” to distort and oppose.

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To fight effectively against the conspiracy of hostile forces, requires each person to maintain their stance, political ideology, and lifestyle. Must always be alert, properly identify, calmly consider, analyze, to expose the nature and take effective prevention and control measures. Absolutely do not be vague, lose vigilance, leading to passivity and embarrassment in this tough, but fierce, “no gun” war.

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