The best humorists of all time: Notable works and high lights

  • The best humorists of all time: Notable works and high lights

Have you ever wondered who is the funniest person of all time? Join us as Rachel Parris journeys through the annals of comedy, discovering the legends whose wit and irony have left an indelible mark on literature and beyond .


Benjamin FranklinUSAPoor Richard’s almanac
Seba SmithUSAMajor Jack Downing
John NealUSAEarly advocate of women’s rights
Oscar WildeIrelandImage of Dorian Gray
Kajetan AbgarowiczPolandWorks about Polish nobility
Sholom AleichemRussia/USATevye the milkman
Jerome K. JeromeEnglandThree men were on the boat
JewUSASatire article about sports
George AdeUSAFables in slang
Robert BenchleyUSAEssays and short films

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The best humorists of all time

Now, let’s dive into the content of our article, focusing on aspects of the lives and careers of these humorists.

Top humorists

Benjamin Franklin: Father of Humor

Did you know that one of America’s Founding Fathers was also a pioneer in American humor? Yes, Benjamin Franklin, known for his experiments with electricity and his role in drafting the U.S. Constitution, also had a sharp wit that influenced the American sense of humor.

His deft blend of humor and wisdom throughout Poor Richard’s Almanac demonstrates his popularity not only as a statesman but also as a humorist, as evidenced by his proves that laughter can coexist with serious intellectual pursuits.

Seba Smith and the American vernacular

Moving forward but staying true to the roots of American humor, we meet Seba Smith, creator of the fictional Major Jack Downing.

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Smith spoke the American vernacular, making him a key figure in the development of humor in the United States. His style, characterized by dry, sarcastic humor, laid the groundwork for the likes of Mark Twain and more, showing that the American voice is distinct, humorous, and worthy of recognition. literary praise.

John Neal: Advocate and humorist

John Neal may not be the first name that comes to mind when you think of funny people, but his contributions to American literature and advocacy for women’s rights marked him as a notable figure. .

Neal’s pioneering spirit in both the arts and social issues shows how humor and serious social commentary can go hand in hand, influencing not only readers but politics as well. American literature.

Oscar Wilde: The epitome of intelligence

Across the Atlantic we find Oscar Wilde, an Irish poet and playwright whose name is synonymous with wit. Known for his fables and plays such as The Importance of Being Earnest, Wilde’s legacy as a humorist is unparalleled. His ability to deliver social commentary with unparalleled wit has made him a beloved figure in literature and beyond.

Kajetan Abgarowicz: Polish-Armenian storyteller

Kajetan Abgarowicz, a Polish-Armenian journalist and novelist, brings humor and insight to stories about Podolia’s aristocracy. His works, rich with the mainstream genres of Polish popular fiction, show that humor knows no boundaries, transcending cultures and languages ​​to touch the hearts of readers everywhere. .

Sholom Aleichem: The Voice of Yiddish Humor

Sholom Aleichem brought laughter to the Yiddish-speaking world with his stories about Tevye the Dairyman, later adapted into the musical Fiddler on the Roof. His unique blend of humor and poignant storytelling reveals the depth and resilience of the human spirit, demonstrating the universality of laughter across cultures.

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Jerome K. Jerome: Reluctant Explorer

Three Men in a Boat by Jerome K. Jerome is a testament to the enduring power of the travel comic. Jerome’s story, filled with risks and reflections, continues to captivate readers with its blend of humor and human observation, reminding us that sometimes, the journey itself is the destination.

Ring Lardner: Sports and satire

Ring Lardner has encroached on sports, marriage and stage plays with a satirical pen that makes readers both excited and thoughtful. His writings demonstrate that humor can be found in everyday life and that irony serves as a powerful tool for exploring the world around us.

George Ade: Slang Fables

George Ade’s slang fables catapulted him to fame, demonstrating his unique ability to capture the essence of American speech and society. Ade’s work reminds us that humor and language evolve together, reflecting and shaping the way we see the world.

Robert Benchley

Finally, Robert Benchley, as a somewhat confused and ineffectual bumbling man, endeared himself to readers as “a humorist’s humorist.” His essays and short films are masterclasses in comedic timing and human nature, proving that sometimes, the ordinary is the most extraordinary.


By the end of our journey to discover the best humorists, we’ve laughed, reflected, and perhaps seen the world a little differently. These witty masters not only entertain but also challenge us to think more deeply about the society in which we live. Let’s explore other respected humorists of all time

HL MenckenJames ThurberDorothy ParkerBennett CerfP. G. WodehouseRené GoscinnyErma BombeckAndré FranquinArt BuchwaldMoin AkhterTom SharpeTerry PratchettGarrison KeillorFran LebowitzScott AdamsHenry AlfordNeil SimonKev AdamsMichael AttreeBugs BaerRussell BakerLinwood BarclayDave BarryGuy BedosNicolas BedosStefano BenniAmbrose BierceJean-Marie BigardJosh BillingsLewisRo and Blount, Jr.Tom Bodett Andy BorowitzDylan BrodyCraig BrownChristopher BuckleyW. Bruce CameronAl CappLewis CarrollGuy Wetmore CarrylG. K. ChestertonAl CloustonColucheWilliam CombeWill CuppyHugleikur DagssonBertha DamonDick DeBartoloJamel DebbouzeRaymond DevosDaniel DickeyDrewFranck DuboscGad ElmalehEvan EsarJohn O’FarrellMax FergusonWill FergusonScott FivelsonMichael FraynIan FrazierLewis Burke FrumkesJames Finn GarnerVeronica GengMichael GerberStrickland lanJonathan GoldsteinLewis GrizzardRobert GrossmanDick Wick HallJack Handey Chelsea handlerSteve HelyA.P. HerbertDon HeroldCarl HiaasenNasrettin HocaJohn HodgmanAndy Offutt IrwinDonald JackDouglas William JerroldGeorge S. KaufmanWalt KellyDoug KenneyMarvin KitmanRonald KnoxHarvey KurtzmanJonathan LambertChristian LanderGary LautensStephen LeacockVirginie LemoineMartin LewisLennie LowerPaul B. LowneyDieudonné M’bala M’balaMerrill oeDon MarquisNiní MarshallDavid MartinBruce McCallStuart McLeanPatrick F. McManusMolièreNurul MomenLorna Jean MoorheadJ. B. MortonEbrahim NabaviPetroleum V. NasbyOgden NashRichard J. NeedhamAziz NesinEric NicolChris OnstadFlann O’BrienS. J. PerelmanCharles PhoenixRoger PriceBolesław PrusJoe QueenanDavid RakoffPaul RhymerBill RichardsonRyan Max RileySteve RizzoWill RogersAndy RooneyAnne RoumanoffP. J. O’RourkeHelen RowlandPaul RudnickPeter SagalTim SampleGeorge SaundersDavid SedarisÉlie SemounJean ShepherdHerb ShrinerWil ShrinerMark ShulmanMax ShulmanH. Allen SmithJill SobuleEd SubitzkyJulia SweeneyJonathan SwiftHerbert TarrJeremy TaylorWilliam TennLarry ThompsonThomas Bangs ThorpeJohn Kennedy TooleCalvin TrillinMark TwainAisha TylerBrian UngerKurt VonnegutSarah VowellArtemus WardSam. R. WatkinsBill WattersonEllis WeinerE.B. WhiteMarshall P. WilderJustin WilsonRobert Wringham

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