Top 10 British Comedians Of 2024: Rank, Award And More

When it comes to comedy, the Brits have a certain flair that’s hard to beat. From the slapstick brilliance of Rowan Atkinson as Mr. Bean to the sharp wit of Jimmy Carr, British comedians have been making the world laugh for decades.

Whether you’re into dry humor, satire, or something a bit more absurd, the UK’s comedy scene offers a rich tapestry of talents. Let’s dive into the world of the best British comedians and discover what makes them tick, laugh, and influence audiences far and wide.

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1James Acaster39Melbourne International Comedy Festival AwardRepertoire, Cold Lasagne Hate Myself 1999
2Greg Davies55BAFTA NomineeThe Inbetweeners, Taskmaster
3Lee Mack55BAFTA WinnerNot Going Out, Would I Lie to You?
4Russell Howard43Best Compère Chortle AwardsRussell Howard’s Good News, The Russell Howard Hour
5Rowan Atkinson69BAFTA WinnerMr. Bean, Blackadder
6Jimmy Carr51British Comedy Award8 Out of 10 Cats, The Big Fat Quiz of the Year
7Jack Whitehall35British Comedy AwardFresh Meat, Bad Education
8Sara Pascoe42Edinburgh Comedy AwardNetflix Special, The Last Woman on Earth
9Romesh Ranganathan45BAFTA TV AwardThe Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan, The Ranganation
10Bridget Christie52Edinburgh Comedy AwardA Bic for Her, Stand Up for Her

Top 10 British Comedians in 2024

Top 10 British Comedians

The realm of 2024 British comedy is rich and diverse, with each comedian bringing their unique flavor to the stage, screen, and airwaves. Their careers, filled with awards, iconic roles, and personal anecdotes, offer a fascinating glimpse into the world of humor.

James Acaster

A stand-up comedian known for his surreal and intricate comedy, has been a significant figure in the comedy scene. His specials, Repertoire and Cold Lasagne Hate Myself 1999, showcase his unique style, winning him numerous awards. James Acaster‘s venture into podcasting with Off Menu adds another layer to his multifaceted career.

Greg Davies

Greg Davies, towering in stature and humor, has delighted audiences with roles in The Inbetweeners and as the host of Taskmaster. His background as a drama teacher adds a unique perspective to his comedy, making his performances all the more relatable and hilarious.

Lee Mack

With his quick wit and northern charm, has become a household name. His sitcom Not Going Out combines slapstick and wordplay, proving his prowess in both writing and performing. Lee’s role on Would I Lie to You? showcases his ability to think on his feet, earning him critical acclaim and a loyal fan base.

Russell Howard

The Bristol-born comedian, brings energy and optimism to his comedy. Known for Russell Howard’s Good News and The Russell Howard Hour, his ability to find humor in everyday situations resonates with audiences worldwide. His influences, including Lee Evans and Richard Pryor, underscore the breadth of his comedic palette.

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Rowan Atkinson

Rowan Atkinson, perhaps one of the most iconic British comedians, has created timeless characters like Mr. Bean and Edmund Blackadder. His physical genre transcends language barriers, making him beloved globally. Atkinson’s role as Zazu in The Lion King showcases his versatility, bridging the gap between live-action and voice acting.

Jimmy Carr

He is synonymous with dark humor and deadpan delivery. His role as the host of 8 Out of 10 Cats and appearances on shows like The Big Fat Quiz of the Year have solidified his place in the comedy elite. Jimmy Carr’s distinctive laugh is just one trademark of his unforgettable performances.

Jack Whitehall

Jack Whitehall brings a posh persona and youthful energy to his comedy. His work on Fresh Meat and Bad Education has resonated with younger audiences, making him a pivotal figure in contemporary British comedy as of 2024. Jack’s foray into American television with Travels with My Father has introduced his humor to a global audience.

Sara Pascoe

Sara Pascoe champions feminist themes through her stand-up and writing. Her show A Bic for Her and her book Animal delve into complex social issues with wit and intelligence. Sara’s Netflix special further amplifies her voice in the satire world, making her an influential figure for future generations.

Romesh Ranganathan

He is known for his dry humor and candid delivery, has become a staple of UK television. From The Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan to The Ranganation, his unique perspective as a British-Sri Lankan comedian adds depth and diversity to the humor landscape.

Bridget Christie

Bridget Christie stands out for her feminist-driven content, which challenges societal norms while making audiences laugh. Her award-winning show A Bic for Her exemplifies her ability to blend activism with comedy, proving that humor can be both enlightening and entertaining.FAQs


faqs about British ComediansOf 2024

Who is considered the best British comedian of all time?

Tough question! It really depends on who you ask. Legends like Rowan Atkinson and John Cleese have their fans, while newer talents like James Acaster and Sarah Millican are top contenders among younger audiences. Comedy is subjective, so there’s no one-size-fits-all answer here.

Are there any England comedians who are famous worldwide?

Absolutely! Rowan Atkinson, with his universally loved character Mr. Bean, is a global icon. Ricky Gervais, known for The Office, and John Cleese, of Monty Python fame, have also made significant international impacts.

Can you recommend a comedian from UK known for witty humor?

Stephen Fry is a master of wit! His intelligence and sharp humor make him a standout in the British humor scene. Plus, his work on QI is a treasure trove of witty gems.

Who are some top female British comedians?

Sarah Millican, Jo Brand, and Victoria Wood (rest her soul) are comedy powerhouses. Their brilliant stand-up and television work have made significant contributions to England humor.

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What Uk comedy show should I start with?

Monty Python’s Flying Circus is classic comedy gold. For something more contemporary, The Office by Ricky Gervais or Peep Show featuring David Mitchell and Robert Webb are fantastic picks.

Who’s the best England stand-up comedian right now?

James Acaster’s unique style has won him many fans, and his stand-up specials on Netflix are critically acclaimed. Romesh Ranganathan and Katherine Ryan are also huge names in the stand-up scene today.

Are there any British comedians who excel in dark humor?

Jimmy Carr is the king of dark humor with a deadpan delivery that’s simply unmatched. Frankie Boyle is another name you’ll want to look up if you’re into something a bit edgier.

Which Uk comedian is known for their storytelling?

Billy Connolly, the Big Yin, is an absolute legend when it comes to comedic storytelling. His anecdotes, often about his own life, are as heartwarming as they are hilarious.

Is there a British comedian who’s great for family viewing?

Michael McIntyre has a knack for observational type that’s relatable and family-friendly. His shows can be enjoyed by audiences of all ages.

Who’s a rising star in British comedy I should keep an eye on?

Phoebe Waller-Bridge has received critical acclaim for her dark comedy Fleabag. While she’s more known for her writing and acting, her comedic timing is impeccable. Another name to watch is Mo Gilligan, whose energetic style and hilarious observations have quickly made him a favorite among comedy fans.


The legacy of British comedians is as vast as it is varied. They’ve not only entertained audiences within the UK but have also left a significant mark on the global stage. Exploring the best British comedians reveals a world where humor transcends cultural boundaries, connecting us through laughter.

Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to the scene, these comedians’ ability to blend satire, observational humor, and classic comedy makes them truly stand out. Remember, in the world of comedy, the Brits have a joke for every occasion, proving that laughter really is the best universal language.Thanks for reading at Rachel Parris!Discover more hilarious English comedians in this list below:Chris BarrieFaith BrownKevin ConnellyBobby DavroPeter GoodwrightAlistair McGowanMorgana RobinsonTracey UllmanBernard CribbinsFlanders and SwannHinge and BracketMike HardingChris SieveyJake ThackrayArthur AskeyMichael BarrymoreBilly BennettFrank CarsonTom CostelloBilly DanversFayne and EvansKen GoodwinDick HendersonRex Jameson (“Mrs Shufflewick”)Kenway and YoungBill MaynardNat Mills and BobbieDave MorrisTom O’ConnorBilly RussellVesta VictoriaJimmy WheelerWee Georgie WoodTim Brooke-TaylorJimmy EdwardsJohn FinnemoreGraeme GardenDeryck GuylerDavid HatchKenneth HorneHarry KorrisCyril FletcherBetty MarsdenJoy NicholsDennis PriceIkenna AzuikeMunya ChawawaArmando IannucciMichael SpicerClive AndersonFrankie BoyleAlan DaviesClement FreudNick HancockRichard IngramsRory McGrathFrank MuirAndy ParsonsRobin RaySandi ToksvigSteve PembertonAlexander ArmstrongJames BachmanSanjeev BhaskarCharlie HigsonPaul WhitehouseAnil GuptaLenny HenryJohn JunkinGraham ChapmanEric MorecambeRob NewmanMel SmithNigel PlanerPeter RichardsonMeera SyalMarty FeldmanEric IdleStan LaurelNorman WisdomKathy BurkeMartin ClunesWindsor DaviesPaul EddingtonRobert FyfeEmma ChambersNick HelmKarl HowmanDavid JasonMatt KingJohn LaurieRobert LindsayRoger Lloyd-PackNicholas LyndhurstNeil MorrisseyPaul NicholasGeoffrey PalmerBill PertweePauline QuirkeLeonard RossiterEric SykesGary WaldhornRobert WebbRichard WilsonRebecca FrontPaul KayeChris MorrisBennett ArronAlistair BarrieNinia BenjaminJohn BishopJen BristerRhona CameronJulian ClaryJanice ConnollyLewis CostelloJack DeeJoel DommettJo EnrightEd Gamble

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Rosie HoltWillie RushtonHarry BedfordMax BygravesRoy CastleTommy CooperLeslie CrowtherWill EvansBud FlanaganBruce ForsythArthur HaynesFrankie HowerdJimmy JamesRay MartineDes O’ConnorFrank RandleTommy TrinderRobb WiltonDick BentleyJenny EclairGraham FellowsRonald FrankauJoyce GrenfellTommy HandleyJon HolmesJo KendallVictor Lewis-SmithRobert MoretonStephen MurrayHugh PaddickLeslie PhillipsAl ReadEleanor BronJohn FortuneTom WalkerSimon AmstellRussell BrandSusan CalmanOmid DjaliliMicky FlanaganAndy HamiltonTony HawkSimon HoggartPeter JonesNish KumarArthur MarshallPaul MertonRobert MorleyRoss NobleKatie PerryJonathan RossMark WatsonMark GatissJeremy DysonMatt BerryAdrian EdmondsonHarry EnfieldSimon DayArabella WeirGregor FisherStephen FryBill OddiePatricia HayesRufus JonesDavid MitchellTerry GilliamBob MortimerGriff Rhys JonesNicholas ParsonsVic ReevesAlexei SayleFiona AllenLaura SolonDavid WalliamsCharlie ChaplinRobbie ColtraneMartin FreemanWill HayTerry JonesMichael PalinAlastair SimKenneth WilliamsMargaret RutherfordRichard AyoadeRonnie BarkerRichard BeckinsaleRichard BriersJohn ChallisJohn CleeseMichael CrawfordRichard DawsonClive DunnJane FreemanNick FrostTamsin GreigMiranda HartJane HorrocksJohn InmanLesley JosephPenelope KeithBelinda LangHelen LedererRobert LlewellynJoanna LumleyGreg McHughWarren MitchellBill OwenSimon PeggCaroline QuentinLinda RobsonPeter SallisIsy SuttieReg VarneyJulie WaltersBrian WildeDaisy May CooperMatthew HolnessDoon MackichanPeter SerafinowiczAvril AngersSadia AzmatJulian BarrattRob BeckettDanny BhoyAdam BloomMarcus BrigstockeRoy Chubby BrownTed ChippingtonLaurence ClarkNina ContiBen EltonSimon FanshawePaul FootRhod GilbertKerry GodlimanJeff GreenJeremy HardyRichard HerringRufus HoundLee HurstJimeoinPhill JupitusPhil KayAndrew LawrenceJosie LongFrancesca MartinezSarah MillicanBob MonkhouseAl MurrayAndrew O’NeillPapa CJSue PerkinsJon RichardsonGeorge RoperLou SandersFreddie StarrJimmy TarbuckPaul TaylorAva VidalEros VlahosHolly WalshMike WozniakPam AyresCraig CharlesRoger McGoughLemn SissayMichael DapaahDan HowellBarry ApplebyJames GillrayBill TidyPeter UstinovDave GormanMalcolm HardeeNatalie HaynesWil HodgsonRobin InceJimmy JonesRussell KaneShaparak KhorsandiNorman LovettShazia MirzaEleanor MortonLucy PorterMatt RichardsonAdam RoweFrank SkinnerMark SteelEllie TaylorDave ThompsonAndre VincentOliver WakefieldSeann WalshJosh WiddicombeGina YashereLes BarkerJohn Cooper ClarkeHenry NormalStanley UnwinAmelia DimoldenbergPhil LesterGeorge CruikshankWilliam HogarthBarry CryerTerry AldertonStanley BaxterPaul BurlingPhil CoolDawn FrenchMike HayleyMark PerryJennifer SaundersMike YarwoodHarriet BraineAlex HorneEdwyn CollinsJohn HegleyNeil InnesGary Le StrangeEarl OkinPhilip PopeVivian StanshallVictoria WoodCharles AustinGeorge BeauchampIssy BonnJimmy CricketSid FieldDickie HendersonYootha JoyceJimmy LearmouthMax MillerEdmund PayneTed RogersSuzette TarriMax WallCharlie WilliamsMichael BentineKenny EverettLeonard HenryRoy HuddBill KerrRichard MurdochJon PertweePeter SellersDouglas AdamsJohn BirdPeter CookMark ThomasChris AddisonJo BrandKevin BridgesRob BrydonAlan CorenHugh DennisIan HislopMiles JuppJason ManfordMichael McIntyreDiane MorganDerek NimmoLinda SmithBarry TookFrancis WheenReece ShearsmithBen MillerKaty BrandOlivia ColmanCharlie DrakeDick EmeryCaroline AherneJohn ThomsonMark WilliamsBenny HillDom JolyErnie WisePamela StephensonSteve PuntSally PhillipsCatherine TateHarry WorthBernard BresslawSacha Baron CohenSid JamesBill NighyTerry ThomasHelen Atkinson-WoodMorwenna BanksNorman BeatonJames BolamPatrick CargillRonnie CorbettJulia DavisJames DreyfusJames FleetTony HancockJulia HillsPeter HowittDanny John-JulesGorden KayeJessica KnappettJohn Le MesurierMaureen LipmanArthur LoweRik MayallBrian MurphyGary OlsenTrevor PeacockJohn PickardTony RobinsonAndrew SachsJulia SawalhaLiza TarbuckRudolph WalkerJune WhitfieldSteve CooganChris LanghamRuss AbbotStephen K. AmosShaista AzizAngela BarnesAaron BarschakKatherine BennettBethany BlackDoc BrownAlan CarrJo CaulfieldRoisin ConatyJim DavidsonLes DennisSophie DukerJaney GodleyDominic HollandEddie IzzardMilton JonesPeter KayDaniel KitsonSean LockJoe LycettBernard ManningStephen MerchantJohn MoloneySimon MunneryJohn OliverAndi OshoLee PeartAbi RobertsSuzi RuffellDaniel SlossIan StoneMackenzie TaylorJohnny VegasTim VineRick WakemanJoe WilkinsonAndy ZaltzmanPenny BroadhurstIvor CutlerTim KeyOwen O’NeillRogan WhitenailsMo GilliganRhodri MarsdenChris DonaldGerald ScarfeLance PercivalRonni AnconaRory BremnerBrian ConleyJon CulshawMatt FordeDave LambJan RavensDebra StephensonMitch BennAdam BuxtonAngus DeaytonNoel FieldingJay ForemanRainer HerschTim MinchinKev OrkianRowland RivronJim TavaréHylda BakerKen Dodd

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