What is Blue Comedy: Definition, examples, TV shows and more

Have you ever wondered what adds naughtiness to a monologue scene? That’s Blue Comedy for you – humor that bucks trends that are considered kind, explores bolder, often risqué themes, and is undeniably funny.

It’s the art of delivering punchlines that would make your grandmother blush.

In this quick guide, Rachel Parris explores what blue comedy is, revealing why it thrills adults across the globe.

What is Blue Comedy: All about dirty jokes and off-color comedy

What is Blue Comedy: All about dirty jokes and off-color comedy

If you’ve ever sat in a comedy club and heard jokes that were more bland than, say, more colorful than your usual comedy punchlines, then you’ve probably enjoyed comedy. green.

This style is not for the faint of heart—it’s bold comedy that hits all the politically incorrect buttons and isn’t afraid to be a little adventurous, or risky for that matter.

Dirty green comedy is an adult comedy playground, with all the swearing, sexual innuendo and toilet humor you’re told to stay away from at the dinner table.

Now, don’t confuse green comedy with any offensive jokes. No, this genre is a craft. It’s about timing, distribution and believe it or not, some pretty complicated psychology.

Comedians who have mastered this art know exactly how to walk the line between shock humor and plain shock.

Why is it called green comedy?

So why is it blue? It’s not because these comedians are sad. The term blue has permeated the entertainment world for decades, often uttered in the back rooms of smoky nightclubs where performers pushed the envelope.

Some say it comes from the Blue Laws, which regulated moral behavior in the past, including what performers could say on stage.

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If your actions are considered transgressive, then they are borderline—or beyond the limits—of what is socially acceptable. In a way, going blue is going rogue with your humor.

Example of Blue Comedy

Example of Blue Comedy

To give you a real taste of green comedy, think of comics like George Carlin, Richard Pryor and, more recently, Amy Schumer. These are people who make their observations in an open-ended approach.

They tackle everything from sex to politics, all with a wink and a nod, knowing full well that they’re delivering the comedic equivalent of a spicy jalapeño.

Do you remember George Carlin’s famous Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television? That bit is a comedy blue print, not just for its shock value but also for its commentary on censorship and free speech. It’s edgy, it’s in your face, and yes, it’s a fun blue.

And let’s not forget the likes of Mae West and Lenny Bruce, pioneers of green comedy, proving that the style isn’t just for men.

In particular, Mae West has come up with contours that can make you blush two tones of red, while still maintaining her seductive composure.

Television shows and comedy shows use Blue Comedy

Green comedies on TV screens

When it comes to television, green comedy has had to play a bit timid, especially in years past. You’ve got programs like Get married and have children or Sanford and sonwhile not quite as green, they certainly dipped their toes in the water with their allusive and brazen characters.

Fast forward a bit and you hit programs like South Park and family guyanimated films that may look kid-friendly but are filled with blue-green humor, tackling everything from politics to personal style with a boldness that only cartoons seem to have .

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Then there’s the beloved The Office (US version), with Steve Carell’s Michael Scott delivering hilarious yet terrifying lines that often venture into blue territory.

The show’s brilliance lies in its ability to incorporate humour, ensuring the green comedy serves the story and character development, and isn’t just there for shock value.

Another Blue comedy I want you to know is Airplane Mode (2019) written byDavid Dinetz, Dylan Trussell, Logan Paul and Jake Paul. This comedy video will be worthy for anyone to discover what green values ​​are in comedy.

Green humor on stage monologue

On the stand-up stage, blue comedy exists in its natural habitat. Stand-up allows comedians to interact directly with their audience, read the room, and push as far as the crowd will allow.

Comedians like Eddie Murphy in his iconic Raw performance or Dave Chappelle in his many Netflix specials all embody the quintessential green comedy style.

They offer thought-provoking and divisive activities related to taboo topics, often leaving audiences with a range of shock, reflection and, of course, laughter.

Frequently asked questions about Blue Comedy

Frequently asked questions about Blue Comedy

Does green comedy cause discomfort?

It can. Green comedies often push the boundaries of common decency, which can make some audiences uncomfortable. It’s subjective and varies greatly depending on personal preference and tolerance for risqué humor.

Can green comedies be found on mainstream television?

Yes, green comedy has made inroads into mainstream television, especially with the advent of cable TV and streaming services that have lighter content restrictions than traditional network television.

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How is green comedy different from other comedy genres?

Unlike other genres of comedy that may revolve around sensitive topics or use innuendo, green comedy is a direct, clear and unfiltered approach to controversial topics.

Are there famous green comedians?

Absolute. Notable blue comedians include Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Eddie Murphy, Lenny Bruce, Sarah Silverman and Amy Schumer, among others.

Is blue comedy only for shock value?

Although shock value may be a factor, the best green comedy often includes social commentary and sharp observations about human nature and society.

Can green comedy be smart?

Sure. Many green comedians are quite intelligent and use their platform to challenge social norms and provoke thought, despite the explicit nature of their material.


In the comedy landscape, blue comedies stand out for their bold and edgy content, pushing boundaries and causing belly laughs by not-so-subtly handling the not-so-PG aspects of life .

Remember, while green comedy may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it will certainly keep the brave at heart coming back for more.

Thank you for reading this article!

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